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Work Related Injuries


Baltimore Work Injury Law OfficeGetting injured on the job can be a frightening experience. When you are injured at work, several questions arise: Who will pay my medical bills? If I miss time from work, will I get paid? Can I see my doctor or do I see the Employer’s doctor? What happens if I do not file a claim?

No one asks to hurt at work, but people are injured in every type of job. There are important steps to follow to protect yourself if you are injured on the job.

In addition to being injured in an accident on the job, there are occupational diseases that arise as a result of certain conditions at the work place.


The very first thing you should do is to promptly report your injury to your employer. This can prevent someone from challenging your injury at a later date.

The next, vital step is to file a claim form with the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission. We at Blondell & Miller can assist you with filling out and filing of your claim form.   Neither your employer nor its insurance company can file this claim for you.

It is important to file a claim to protect your rights to workers’ compensation benefits. Unless an injured worker files a claim within two (2) years of the injury, he or she will be unable to force the employer and insurer to pay benefits provided for by the Workers’ Compensation Law of Maryland. An injured worker should file a claim regardless of who was at fault for the injury. The concept of fault does not enter into workers’ compensation law.


There are three basic benefits an injured worker is entitled to under Maryland Workers’ Compensation Law:

  1. Medical care for life for any condition stemming from the injury by doctors and hospitals of your choice at the expense of the employer and insurer.
  1. Temporary total disability benefits which amount so 66.67% of your wages, not exceeding the State Average Weekly Wage, throughout the time you are receiving medical treatment for your injuries and cannot perform your normal work duties. That time is not to be charged against you and is strictly a workers’ compensation benefit.
  1. Permanent disability is an award of money to compensate you for any degree of permanent injury you have sustained.


If you are injured while working as a Longshoreman, the claim process is very similar to that for a Maryland Workers’ Compensation claim. You must promptly report your injury and file a claim with U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs. Again, as with Maryland Workers’ Compensation claims, we can assist you with the filing of your claim and obtaining your benefits.


Once you have reported your injury, please contact our office at 410-687-7878 immediately to schedule an appointment  or fill out the form below so that we may assist you with the filing of your claim and to facilitate the starting of your benefits.