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Baltimore Negligence Law OfficeWhat is negligence? A person or company is negligent when they fail to use reasonable care and their actions cause injuries and damages to others.

There are many different kinds of negligence actions. Many people sustain injuries in automobile collisions everyday. Blondell & Miller can assist you if you or a family member is injured as the result of the negligence of another, in an automobile collision, motorcycle collision, collision involving a tractor trailer or if struck as a pedestrian.

In addition to automobile collisions, we can assist you if you sustain injuries as a result of defective products, negligent conditions on another’s property, medical malpractice, dog bites and construction site accidents.

If, as the result of another’s negligence, a family member sustains injuries that result in death, we can also assist with a wrongful death action.

Injuries as the result of another’s negligence can be a very painful and stressful experience. Blondell & Miller will fight for you to receive compensation for your injuries, pain, suffering and all damages you sustain as the result of another’s negligence.


Please contact our office at 410-687-7878 immediately to schedule an appointment so that we may assist you with the filing of your negligence claim and to help you recover and be compensated for your injuries.